CHTs remained in the 350-degree range throughout the climb, which is better than what I saw the last time I flew a stock Navajo in such conditions. Colemill says that on all but the hottest days, the cowl flaps can be closed for takeoff and initial climb. Piper PA-31 Navajo Chieftain. The Panther conversion increases climb and cruise performance over the basic Navajo. Also impressive about the Panther are the reduced noise and vibration levels inside and outside of the airplane. Please login below for an enhanced experience. All our decals and vinyl graphics are top quality and second to none.Made with top quality outdoor 6-year vinyl, in most cases they will outlast the paint. 1968 PIPER PA-31-310 NAVAJO PANTHER, TT 7867, SMOH LH 1074 RH 1074 TIO-540 A2B 310 HP (TBO 1800 HRS), SPOH LH 63 RH 63 "SINCE BRAND NEW", HARTZELL, BOTH O/H 2016 HC-E2YR-2BTF, DEICED, VORTEX GENERATORS, JANITROL HEATER, COMPLETE STRIP AND PAINT 2020 1979 Piper Navajo PA31-325/350 with Panther conversion for sale. Alton K. Marsh is a former senior editor of AOPA Pilot and is now a freelance journalist specializing in aviation topics. The result is superior performance. Piper’s exclusive engine nacelle was designed to house an extended shaft that put the prop blades well ahead of the cowling. Conversion of a Navajo to a Panther currently starts at $149,000, depending on whether you get the optional winglets or the extended wingtips with landing lights. Panther owners we spoke to raved about single-engine performance, and pointed out that the stock Navajo's lackluster performance with one engine caged was a big reason for going to Colemill in the first place. In Europe and California, where noise restrictions can ground airplanes at certain times of the day, Panthers can continue to operate. For more information, contact Colemill Enterprises, Post Office Box 60627, Cornelia Fort Airpark, Nashville, Tennessee 37206; telephone 615/226-4256; or visit the Web site ( Beatiful cosmetics are complimented by a nicely upgraded instrument panel and highly capable IFR instrumentation. Panther Navajo engines lose the D suffix from their designators, because they use individual mags in place of the troublesome dual magneto. New paint on July 2018 and new interior on September 2018. Scott MacDonald Aircraft Sales | FL. I have three right side and three left side spinners. Murfreesboro, TN 37129, Copyright 2019 Sandhills Global  |  Legal Notice  |  Privacy Policy, Single-engine climb 400 fpm (gross) at sea level. If the nose were pulled up to the 105-kt best-rate-of-climb speed, the rate would have been better but the view out the windshield would be nothing but nose. Those on Part-135 air-taxi flights are usually at or below 10,000 feet because of oxygen requirements. AirplanesUSA Aircraft Sales is proud to present this capable Piper Navajo Panther to market. PIPER PA31P NAVAJO PROPELLER • AVAILABLE FOR SALE OR EXCHANGE • We have an overhauled Hartzell HC-C3YN-2LUF/FJC9684-3R PA31P Navajo prop in stock ready to ship. "We have a lot of customers who come a long way to see us," said Ralph Peeler, Colemill's vice president of sales and marketing. After a … By Ronnie Hughes Ronnie’s Navajo was the February 2020 cover plane. The whole package draws attention on the ramp and is generally well-received by pilots and passengers. "Mostly it was the downtime," said Gibson, whose 1974 Chieftain reached TBO a few years ago. Located in La Isabela International Airport (MDJB), Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. The owner is willing to fly to the US if the buyer is serious. Like most turbocharged airplanes, the higher the Navajo gets, the better the speed will be, but with an unpressurized cabin it's unlikely that the airplane will see widespread duty in the flight levels. At 65-percent power at that altitude, true airspeed dropped to 201 kt while fuel burn dropped to 40 gph. A bonus was the fact that I could also get the four-blade props and the winglets with the built-in landing lights," said Gibson. 7447 TT, 460 SMOH Both Engines and Props. "They were able to do it in less than the quoted two weeks, and they did a real nice job on the engine installation." Aircraft Owners & Pilots Association Find it free on the store. Piper's Navajo is getting long in the tooth, but Colemill sharpens those fangs to create the Panther. Note: These figures are for an unmodified PA-31-325 C/R; Colemill estimates that the Panther conversion boosts all performance figures by 10 percent. Now, Gibson has some of the major maintenance on his remaining Navajo done by Colemill. Gibson is taking his Chieftain to Colemill for the elevator hinge kit that eliminates a recurring AD. Throw in the Shadin fuel computer, digital TIT gauge, the electronic prop synchrophaser, and the increase in airframe value, and it looked like a worthwhile investment," he said. CC-PKK is registered in Chile and was converted to a Panther and sold to the owner in 1992. All have been visually inspected for cracks, and from what I can tell are crack free. Colemill also performs similar conversions to Beech Barons and Bonanzas, as well as the Cessna 310. Gibson isn't the only Colemill customer who travels a distance for the service. His plane of choice: the Piper Navajo. 1978 Piper Navajo Chieftain-Panther. For Piper PA31-310 Navajos & PA31-325 Navajos. The Panther conversion is no small investment. (772) 781-5900 - Email. New paint on July 2018 and new interior on September 2018. The result is … While many shops have mechanics qualified to work on Navajos, they may come across only one or two a year. And every Panther owner that we spoke with has been pleased with the experience of dealing with Colemill and the performance of the airplane after the conversion. The snarling cowlings and long spinners of the stock Navajo are replaced with a blunter nacelle with deeper inlets to scoop more cooling air. Like most BLR products, Vortex Generators (VGs) are designed to optimize airflow – in this case over the wing of the aircraft on which they are installed. N registered Aircraft. Piper Navajo Panther Aviation vinyl decal size of 12 1/2’’ inches wide by 12” inches in height. We … Piper Panther Navajo Chieftain Read More » You may have noticed that the airplane pictured on these pages is of a foreign registry. Levelling off, we allow the speed to bleed slowly back to circuit speeds. Using SimCom Training Centers' Chieftain simulator in Orlando, Florida, we were able to increase single-engine rate of climb by 50 feet per minute (fpm) by closing the cowl flaps on both nacelles. Its Panther conversions raise the value of a Navajo by a whopping $149,000, according to the aircraft price guide Vref. Max speed increased to 275 mph at 15,000 ft. Lycoming TI0540J2B, 350 horsepower, turbo-charged engines, New Hartzell 4-blade "Q-Tip" propellers with governors and synchrophaser, New vacuum pumps, lord mounts, fuel and oil hoses. Owners of aging twins can rest assured that as long as there are shops like Colemill, the fleet will soldier on. We asked Bill Gibson, owner of Gibson Aviation Inc., an East Coast charter outfit, why he chose to go with Colemill instead of simply hanging a couple of factory-remanufactured Lycomings on two Navajo Chieftains. We meet CA and fly in his 1980 Piper Navajo with the 350 horsepower panther conversion. Chieftains range from $203,000 for a 1973 model to $380,000 for a 1984 model. It was a humid 95 degrees Fahrenheit on the ground that day, and I elected to leave the cowl flaps open and quickly turned on the air conditioning after takeoff. I started my flying pursuits in 1977 earning my private pilot certificate in September of that year during my senior year in college. #: 27540. The Navajo has the capacity for 1-2 crew members and 5-7 passengers. Thoughts turn to home and with Tim's guidance I set up a constant descent with the power at 25in and 2,350rpm, letting the speed build up to 200kt as we start back to Blackbushe and eventually return to circuit height. But what you see on the outside just scratches the surface of the Panther conversion. Piper Navajo - Twin Engine Beast - Panther Conversion Piper Navajo - Twin Engine Beast - Panther Conversion by Flying Doodles 1 year ago 28 minutes 343,501 views We meet CA and fly in his 1980 , Piper Navajo , with the 350 horsepower panther conversion. 37 Piper Navajo Aircraft for Sale Worldwide. Located in La Isabela International Airport (MDJB), Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. This allowed the blades to bite into undisturbed air for greater propulsion efficiency. Meanwhile, cylinder-head temps remain in check while drag is reduced, resulting in a better rate of climb. According to Vref, used Navajo average prices range from $133,000 for a 1967 PA-31-310 to $317,000 for a 1983 PA-31-325. AOPA Pilot took one of Colemill's Panther Navajos and wrung it out to see what kind of speeds could be achieved. Fuel burn throughout the climb was 70 gallons per hour total. The price shown is for a set of 2 decals. Well-equipped, gorgeous Navajo Chieftain featuring the Colemill Panther II conversion. Even though the props are closer to the cabin (Colemill discards the hub extension used on stock Navajos), cabin noise is dramatically reduced. At 15,500 feet and 75-percent power (35 inches and 2,400 rpm), the Panther turned in a true airspeed of 211 kt on 48 gph. Gibson's 1974 Chieftain also lacked the inline fuel boost pumps, a mod that he said would cost about $3,000 to install in the field. The PIPER Navajo Chieftain, manufactured from 1973 - 1984, requires a 1 person crew and can transport up to 9 passengers. Turbocharged Navajos are generally poor performers in cruise at lower altitudes, so the sooner you can climb, the sooner you can go fast. Stock Navajo landing and taxi lights are mounted on the nose gear, making them useless for recognition purposes when the gear is retracted. Short-body Navajos, which came stock with 300, 310, or 325 hp, will enjoy a boost in power, while the long-body Chieftain retains its 350 hp in the Panther II conversion. Of course, for the short-body Navajos, 40 extra horsepower per side helps a lot in this department. Not only do Colemill technicians know where to look for problems, they have probably performed the required repairs to several airplanes, so owners don't have to pay to train a mechanic on their airplane. Also on the engines are all-new accessories: starters, alternators, vacuum pumps, engine mounts, hoses, belts, and anything else you'd expect from a thorough firewall-forward treatment. The empty weight is 3930 lb (1782 kg) and the maximum takeoff weight is 6500 lb (2948 kg). Finally, there are those Zip Tip winglets that are said to provide additional lift, more stability, and reduce the yawing tendencies of Navajos in rough air. N registered Aircraft. Buy and sell planes and helicopters online at When Gibson's other Chieftain had two props at TBO, he had Colemill do the Panther III conversion, which includes everything except the engines. Back in the cabin, it is quieter still. **PRICE REDUCED!!! Under the nacelles are either factory-new or -remanufactured 350-horsepower Lycoming TIO-540-J2B engines. It was flown back to Colemill recently for a 1,000-hour inspection, during which technicians complied with all ADs and service bulletins, removed and inspected the landing gear, and inspected and treated the entire airframe for corrosion. We use cookies to help you get the best experience when using our website. "When I got that airplane back, I realized that the better climb performance of both airplanes was a result of the props and winglets rather than having new engines.". Specs, range, speed, operating weights and performance for the Navajo PA-31-325 C/R here. Winglets, of course, had nothing to do with the reduced noise; it's the result of the Q-tip props. 1979 NAVAJO PANTHER • $275,000 • AVAILABLE FOR SALE OR TRADE • 1979 Piper Navajo C Panther. Email:, 1932 Memorial Boulevard On the other hand, shops such as Colemill that specialize in Navajos see dozens of Navajos annually. The owner is willing to fly to the US if the buyer is serious. Others, however, want that extra power, performance, safety, and comfort immediately. Already a member? Since Navajos are unpressurized, you'll usually find them between 9,000 and 12,000 feet. In a cruise-climb configuration with 38 inches of manifold pressure and 2,400 rpm, we saw a 1,000-fpm climb at 130 kt indicated as we passed through 5,000 feet. Flights can be comfortably made with headsets off in the Panther cockpit. All performance figures are based on standard day, standard atmosphere, sea level, gross weight conditions unless otherwise noted. Colemill Enterprises of Nashville, Tennessee, has probably done more to raise the value of the Navajo fleet than any other modification shop. Many times Piper Navajo owners will wait until their engines are nearing TBO to have a Colemill Panther conversion performed on their airplanes. ** **PRICE IS FIRM** 1980 Piper Navajo Chieftain PA-31-325, Lowest time Panther conversion on the market today with Only 4600 hours total time. Early model Navajos get fitted with two inline electric fuel pumps that constantly provide 12 psi of fuel at the throttle body to keep each engine running smoothly on the ground and at high altitude. Price: 375,000. Designed and built by Piper Aircraft the Piper Navajo is a family of cabin-class, twin- engine aircraft. Fatigue cracks, corrosion, and overall wear and tear are taking their toll on the fleet. At first glance, the Panther-converted Navajo looks - well - distinctive. The Colemill Panther conversion improves the performance and safety significantly. 2165 TT, 675 SMOH, KX165A’s, ADS-B out, KMD550 MFD, KAP140 AP, Keith air cond., Nice One of Colemill's Panthers has more than 17,000 hours and looks as graceful sitting on the ramp as does a customer's with only 2,000 hours on the Hobbs. Colemill says that on a standard day at gross weight, you can get better than a 2,000-fpm climb out of a Panther. Garmin GNS430 coupled to HSI and AP, King KLN89B both approach certified. Cruise speed is 207 knots (238 mph, 383 km/h), stall speed is 63.5 knots (73 mph, 118 km/h), and … He and his partner found a pristine, low time 1983 Navajo CR model they were considering buying. Installation of 350 horsepower turbo-charged engines and 4-blade "Q-Tip" propellers optimize the power/weight ratio of the small-body Navajo. 1 1981 Piper Navajo Chieftain with Panther Conversion – N323DD 580 Beechcraft Avenue - Suite 101 - Chesterfield, Missouri 63005 (800) 532-0141 | (636) 532-8808 … Phone: (615) 896-5678 Colemill claims a 400-fpm single-engine climb rate at maximum gross weight and standard conditions - a marked improvement over the 250-fpm climb rate of the stock airplane in similar conditions. It's large cabin, fuel economy, and visual appeal make it a favorite of pilots and passengers alike. My first airplane was a 1/3 share of 1974 Grumman AA1B trainer. The look of these props even prompted one FAA field inspector to mistakenly ground a Q-tip-prop-equipped airplane for that very reason. Click For More Details. Dual G/S Collins NAV/COM, ADF, Transponder, PS Engineering 7000B stereo 6 place intercom, King KWX color radar, KFC200 Auto Pilot, KCS55A HSI w/KI256 Flight … Jones dubbed his “new” plane the Lock & Key Navajo and guaranteed his Navajo’s could outperform the factory produced models of the aircraft. Another charter operator and longtime Navajo pilot we spoke with said that he did not feel the conversion was worthwhile unless you had an old airframe (which lacks the inline boost pumps) with run-out engines and props, and lacked newer instrumentation such as the Shadin fuel computer and digital TIT gauge. The aircraft has a maximum operating altitude of 24,000', a normal cruise speed of 175 KTS/201 MPH, and a 380 NM/438 SM seats-full range. Fresh annual 04/27/2018. The price shown is for a set of 2 decals. The speed settled on 192 kt at 40 gph with a mixture setting of 100 degrees F rich of peak turbine inlet temperature. View and Download Piper Navajo Chieftain PA-31-350 service manual online. "Colemill included the installation of those pumps with the cost of the conversion. Piper Navajo Series Aircraft Information. What's also important is the fact that the four-blade props lower overflight noise, making the Panther a better neighbor than its stock brethren. Get the latest news on coronavirus impacts on general aviation, including what AOPA is doing to protect GA, event cancellations, advice for pilots to protect themselves, and more. 1977 Piper Navajo Chieftain-Panther ( PIPER NAVAJO CHIEFTAIN ) Price: 310,000 TTAF: 3,821: Serial #: 31-7752038 Reg #: 321SJ : Since 2000 Scott MacDonald Aircraft Sales has successfully represented aircraft buyers and sellers throughout the US, … For most operators, functionality and safety count for more, and Colemill delivers in those departments as well. Also on the safety front is the option of closing the cowl flaps for takeoff in cooler weather. After the conversion, Gibson reported a marked increase in climb rate when the airplane was heavy, even though Chieftains don't get an increase in power with the Panther II conversion. Colemill Enterprises of Nashville, Tennessee and it's conversions to the Panther raised … Our load was about 500 pounds below the 6,500-pound max takeoff weight of this converted PA-31-325. Passengers from one charter operation who rode in the Navajo before and after the conversion commented to the operator "that the airplane was noticeably quieter with those winglets." By continuing to use this website, you are agreeing to our Cookie Policy. To top it off, the owner had Colemill line up paint and interior jobs while the airplane was in the United States. Not a member? Piper PA-31 Panther Navajo Spinner UNCERTIFIED GOOD CONDITION. Piper's Navajo has long been a favorite of charter and corporate operators, as well as individual owners who need the combination of a large cabin accessed by an airstair door, piston-engine fuel economy, and a look that's snazzy enough to appeal to the most discriminating passengers. This can be the critical difference in single-engine performance. PA-31 Navajo Initial production version, also known unofficially as the PA-31-310. Only 830 hours on the engines since overhaul and also includes 4-blade Q-tip props and winglets, along with American Aviation intercoolers and BLR Aerospace vortex generators. Search aircraft for sale for free! Another feature of the Navajo was Altimatic VF/D, a truly automatic flight control at an economical price. Faster climbs also result in lower block-to-block flight times. "They know Navajos better than anybody in the business," he said. ©2021 Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association, AOPA Finance Helps Partnership Acquire Malibu Matrix, Hartzell four-blade, Q-tip, constant speed, full feathering, 74-in dia, Cruise speed/endurance w/45-min rsv, std fuel, VMC (min control w/one engine inoperative), VSSE (min intentional one-engine operation). Links to additional information on Colemill's conversions and the Piper Navajo can be found on AOPA Online ( Fresh annual 04/27/2018. Installation of 350 horsepower turbo-charged engines and 4-blade "Q-Tip" propellers optimize the power/weight ratio of the small-body Navajo. All our decals and vinyl graphics are top quality and second to none.Made with top quality outdoor 6-year vinyl, in most cases they will outlast the paint. "I brought it in by noon on a Monday and picked it up at noon on Friday of the following week," said Gibson. The Navajo PA-31-325 C/R produced by Piper. This Navajo is currently on South African Registry, and is available for export to anywhere in the world. The Panther's cowl inlets are 10 square inches larger than stock and allow more air to enter the cowl than the original setup. "I wasn't sure if that was a result of the fact that I had new engines or whether it was the props and winglets, until I brought the second airplane to them." TT: 8,990, S/N: 7852056 , Reg. 1979 Piper Navajo PA31-325/350 with Panther conversion for sale. Piper's Navajo has long been a favorite of charter and corporate operators, as well as individual owners who need the combination of a large cabin accessed by an airstair door, piston-engine fuel economy, and a look that's snazzy enough to appeal to the most discriminating passengers. But with no new airplanes to replenish the fleet, owners are forced to comply with the rules and upgrade their Navajos to keep them flying. A good example is Dino Malapanis of Nashua, New Hampshire. Fax: (615) 896-5688 The Navajo fits this role so well that even though the average airframe time is racing toward the five-figure mark, demand and value continue to be high. Colemill has converted Navajos based as far away as Australia. New four-blade Hartzell Q-tip propellers sprout from fatter spinners. Level at 9,500 feet, where the temperature was a much-warmer-than-standard 57 degrees Fahrenheit, we set up a 65-percent-power cruise at 33 inches of manifold pressure and 2,200 rpm. All specifications are based on manufacturer's calculations. We … Piper Navajo Panther Read More » "I was looking at a solid month of downtime going the traditional route, whereas Colemill said they could do it in two weeks. Gibson was most impressed that Colemill was able to turn his airplane around so quickly, in spite of a tornado that nearly destroyed the facility just weeks prior to his leaving the airplane (see " Pilot Briefing," June 1998 Pilot). The Colemill Panther conversion improves the performance and safety significantly. SimCom, which offers Navajo initial and recurrent simulator training, says that the closing of each cowl flap provides a 25-fpm increase in the single-engine climb rate of Navajos. Colemill Panther Conversion with... See More Details Condition is "Used". The outer half-inch of the blade tips are bent back 90 degrees to reduce cabin and overflight noise, but some might think the airplane was brought well into the landing flare with the gear up. For the Navajo, a recent rash of airworthiness directives (ADs) affecting the tail section have added a few gray hairs to the heads of owners and operators. Panther conversion, 8302 TT, 1800 SMOH, 0 SPOH, GNS530W, GNS430W, ADSB, KFC200, Sandel EHSI, EX500 MFD, WX1000E, Air, Nacelle fuel, Cargo door, VG’s ... Don't miss out on this beautiful turn key Piper Navajo CR with many upgrades and an excellent pedigree!
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