FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. . . . $17.98 $ 17. Figure 2 is a diagram of the heater showing how it operates. If you then smell gas, STOP! . . . . For warranty information please visit Sniff all around the appliance area for gas. For pools used only on weekends, lower the thermostat setting by 10° F to 15° F (5° C to 8° C) during the week to reduce heat loss. . NOTICE: When starting the heater for the swimming season with a water temperature below 50° F (10° C), the heater may be used to heat the water; however, make sure that the heater operates continuously until the water temperature reaches the heater’s minimum setting of 65° F (18° C). and leave the heater on. . The heater requires an external 120 or 240 VAC single-phase electric power source. . The heater is supplied with an integral venting system for outdoor installation. 460738. •the pressure switch (PS), which senses that the pump is running, •the high limit switch (HLS), which opens if the heat exchanger outlet temperature goes above 135° F (57° C), and. . See Table 3, below, to determine allowable vent sizes for your heater. . The burner should fire after about 20 seconds. I was called out to look at a Pentair MasterTemp 400 pool heater in Newport Beach today. Note that the control board cannot be located on the same side as the exhaust. . . Do not operate the heater for more than five (5) minutes with the access door panels removed. . F.Before operating the appliance for the first time or after it has been off for an extended time, perform the following checklist: 1.Remove debris or other articles from inside the heater and the area around the heater and its exhaust vent. The manuals and guides are organized by equipment category. . . . *Pentair has a trained team of TradeGrade experts and third-party resources that will be scouring the internet 24/7 for TradeGrade violations. MasterTemp ® Heaters offer all the efficiency, convenience, and reliability features you want in a pool heater, plus a lot more fast heat-up, compact design, super quiet operation, easy to use, and eco-friendly. Before connecting the metal Flue Collar to the Vent Body, wet a clean. Improper installation and/or operation will void the warranty. . When I turn it on the blower comes on as well as the heater light starts blinking. . in this manual applies to all MasterTemp heater models. . . BEFORE OPERATING check for odor. Check that room air intakes are open and clear of obstructions. The heater should be located in an area where leakage of the heater or connections will not result in damage to the area adjacent to the heater or to the structure. Pentair Mastertemp 400 Heater not turning on. Read the safety information above. 5, Operating Instructions . Propane is heavier than air. . The heater is equipped with a digital operating control that enables the user to pre-set the desired pool and spa water temperatures. All panels must be in place when operating the heater. . FIGURE 6: Operating Control for all models. Call (800) 831-7133 for additional free copies of these instructions. 2.Install the metal Flue Collar in the Vent Body of the heater (located under the outside vent cover). . Spa or hot tub water temperatures should never exceed 104° F (40° C). D.Do not use this heater if any part has been under water. OUTDOOR SHELTER (Canada) or INDOOR (U.S.). . . Pentair 42002-0024S Stack Flue Sensor Replacement Pool and Spa Heater Electrical Systems. Connect heater to 120 or 240 Volt, 60 Hz., 1 Phase power only. NOTICE: Combustion air contaminated by corrosive chemical fumes can damage the heater and will void the warranty (See Table 1 below). See Figure 8 for minimum clearances. Propane is heavier than air. The JXi™ heater sets the standard in pool and spa heating with unsurpassed energy-efficiency and optional cost-saving Integrated Bypass technology that diverts water flow away from the heater when there is no call for heat. in this manual applies to all MasterTemp heater models. . . . . 5, To Switch Off Gas To the Appliance . Any additions, changes, or conversions required in order for the appliance to satisfactorily meet the application needs must be made by a Pentair dealer or other qualified agency using factory specified and approved parts.
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